INAM, Spain's market leader in PV-distribution
Guaranteed quality: Service, Product and Price.
Inam is specialized in sales of products in the field of solar energy, particularly photovoltaics for professional customers. Since the founding of the company both aspects: quality and transparency are primary objective of our operations. Our service for professionals works close to our international customers, wholesaler and installers. Result is an attractive portfolio of leading brands at most competitive prices.

The photovoltaic industry has always been a market with very high dynamics.
Strategies of the past may now be out of date, with the risk of losing customers very quickly, when market conditions change. Experience alone is not sufficient. Therefore, above all, market research, direct contact with customers in all European countries, and forecasts are important to continue to move successfully in the business. Inam regularly analyzes trends in the international markets, and provides this information to its business partners. Our customers can thus improve their market position continuously in order to implement a stable and successful growth.

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