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Integrated services in the sales of photovoltaic products

Our team offers in any application of photovoltaics the best solution for grid-connection or off-grid-systems. Extensive consultation, in the initial phase, combined with years of experience are the key to success of your project. Quality products from Yingli, REC,Danfoss or Frönius guarantee lasting returns.
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Please direct your inquiries to our highly qualified and experienced team.
Inam was founded as an engineering firm for project management.
  • 2006: Founding of the company "Ingenia Renovables", for engineering services and technical consulting focused on companies in the field of green energies.
  • 2008: Founding of "Ingenia Ambiental", and orientation towards integrated services for PV projects. Getting started as a distributor, inspired by the extensive customer base.
  • 2009: Clear orientation towards the distribution of PV products. At the same time extensive internationalization with a strong and growing presence in Germany and France.
  • 2010: Inam advances in his cooperation as a distributor for Danfoss, and increases presence in markets throughout Europe, including Italy and Greece.
  • 2011/2012: Official distributor of the brands Yingli, REC, Danfoss and Fronius. Widespreadpresence in all European markets, also in England and Portugal.
Company focused on the profesional installer.
Our company goal is to provide installers of renewable energy technologies, a quality-oriented sales service.
The commitment of Inam, starting from its first steps, aims to establish itself as the first supplier of confidence among its customers. Inam is providing its customers the entire company know-how and products of maximum quality. We want to grow with our customers. A close and active cooperation of our team and the customer is essential to guarantee the success of each individual customers, and renewable energy on a global level.
Inam_PV_net Grid-Connected-Photovoltaics
Photovoltaic system for power supply to the public electricity grid.
Inam_PV_isolation Off-Grid-Systems
Photovoltaic system for autonomous self-consumption of consumers
Inam_Biomass Biomass
Installation for the production of thermal energy based on renewable organic fuels
InamEnergy InamEnergy
Extensive support of potential investors who want to get involved in the renewable energies.